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Children love to draw, and their work is a reflection of their inner world.Most kids don't think about or censor their artwork.But then she admitted that she could see what I'd been trying to say about their relationship.We were able to talk about it, and she left the office motivated to help her daughter (and herself ) discover ways to separate psychologically while maintaining their loving and close relationship.For the past 40 years, I've used children's drawings as an important part of my pediatric practice.At each well-child visit beginning at 4 or 5 years old, our nurse asks the child to "draw a picture of your family doing something." To simplify the process, each exam room is equipped with blank white paper on a clipboard with a black felt pen.But she made friends slowly and she was unusually cautious about leaving her mother to go to friends' houses.

The 7-year-old girl who drew the third picture is a triplet who was born prematurely.

When I asked what the people in the picture are doing, she started on the left with her brother, who is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.

"He's doing the laundry, Mommy is working on the computer, I am hanging up clothes, Daddy is washing the car, and my sister is washing the glasses."The fact that she has drawn numerous body parts and clothing on her parents suggests that she has mature visual and motor skills.

The girl drew herself as larger than her parents -- this typically reflects good self-esteem.

It's worth noting that she placed herself between her father and brother: When children are between 4 and 6 years old, they develop a sense of their gender identity.

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By looking at everyone's clothing, I see that she recognizes gender differences.