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So, it is up to you to apply a hundred or a thousand times while under a ban, but you will never be given a visa except after the ten years ban expires.

There was this case of a Nigerian visa applicant who was refused a visa for reason of forged documents that he presented in his previous application; after some time, he eventually came clean in his new application, but still he was refused a visa on the basis of the "fraud documents" that he submitted in his previous application.

This informational advice is for country-men and women who continue to bin their thousands of Naira attempting to obtain the UK or the US visas while being unaware that they are under a ban for ten years or for life respectively.

And as an adult, you are supposed to be financially independent to meet the requirement for a tourist or pleasure visa; for example, you can't be sponsored by anyone if your intended travel is for the purpose of tourism or romance rather than official or compelling family visit (no sponsor's bank account can cover you except in compelling limited circumstances whereby it is deemed reasonable for his sponsorship to be considered).*A presentable account has to meet the requirements and the formation of the bank statement that is acceptable as explained in the bolded part of the above paragraph.I regret to say that until your bank statements meet the standard format as explained, you will continue to get refused no matter how many times you applied or how much money you have in your accounts For those considering the use of sponsor, be aware that there are very few circumstances in which it may be considerable for an adult applicant to use a sponsor, such sponsor may be a Spouse (especially for Family Reunion) or Parents/Guidians (especially for Education or for medical reasons) etc.But if you are considering the use of a Company's account, that would be unacceptable (even if you own the company).Before you said these, i know it very well but not all our ppl know the these.So here, they can learn, understand, and apply it into action so as to have a success in their applications.

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But if you solicit (the so called) visa agents for assistance, you might not know when fake or tampered documents are added to your application, and the result will be a LIFE BAN from the USA. Quick clarification needed on this "Money Lodgement" issue.i asked you earlier in the enquiries group but the shorthand language you deemed confusing. My annuals (as stated/broken down in employer letter of intro) is 6 Million made up of salary (180k monthly) and various allowances.

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