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Is sara quin dating anyone

We didn’t wear makeup, we had weird haircuts, we didn’t seem to bother with attracting the male gaze—and I think that really pushed people away.

When we put out The Con, I was going through my first major separation.

I like to work on music and write songs during daylight hours so I totally ride the caffeine wave in the morning now.” It’s like you grew up. At the time, it felt like I was making an adjustment for the better. I find it all a bit ridiculous, but, unfortunately, as a Virgo, I do feel like what is said about Virgos is really true: We’re anal-retentive and structured and disciplined and organized. But I need to have something I’m always worrying I’m doing too much of.” I think that’s really important, actually. “Watch how I tie this into something that is relevant. I realize that there are these preconceived ideas about what it means to work in the arts. When we first started Tegan and Sara, we had to push back so hard against the natural instinct to label us or label our audiences or sort of put us in a box and make us unattractive to anyone but queer people. I send people articles that I can practically remember word for word, and they’re horrifying.

It’s like I’m only allowed to have one vice at a time—I can’t mix and match. I always sort of envied my friends who were creative types who gave in to their darkest impulses: slept all day, did drugs and drank, didn’t have a home, didn’t have a moral compass. I have to schedule it all.” I’m half joking when I say this, but, while I always had my sus­picions, the first time I knew my sister was queer was when we were on a road trip listening to Tegan and Sara and she seemingly knew everything about each song. Not just ‘Whoopsies, here’s a little bit of homophobia’—they’re full-on misogyny and homophobia and, in some cases, vaguely threatening.

Then, when I started drinking coffee, it was like my whole body changed or something.

I started getting up super-early, I wanted to go to bed early and then I became more of an active worker during the day. And now, for the most part, I feel like I’m pretty well behaved. I’ve had different feelings about it during the past 20 years of being in the music industry.

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Tegan and Sara couldn’t have happened at any other time, and these times couldn’t have happened without Tegan and Sara. In our family, drinking Coca-Cola was like drinking water.