Muscular women dating single mothers and online dating

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Muscular women dating

You were also pretty snarky in regard to hobbies-as if what he did in his free time held no value, since he wasn't out trying to climb a mountain or some such endeavor you consider more worthwhile.

Having been an athlete and involved in fitness my whole life, I would have to that there predominantly two attitudes of those who put work into their body:1) Those that do it purely for the love of the game.2) And those that do it not because they feel they have to.

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It took a while to get used to the fact that she had more muscle than I did. The OP seems to admire women who put a lot of effort into their bodies, why is it wrong for those women to expect a bit of effort from the men they are attracted to?

It's a little weird to be making love to a woman who has awesome muscle defination and not a ounce of fat on her. I dont expect or want a muscle man, but i certainly wouldn't want a couch potato who doesn't give a damn about what kind of shape his body is in, and i think most women who are into working out would have similar mindsets.

I am 5'10 and 205 and could stand to lose 15 lbs but she was fine with how I am... But yeah, she has some new guy now, who doesn't have his underwear permanently attatched apparently....

As for the OP, a lot of women who are very much into fitness are probably looking for men who are equally into fitness.

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Anyway, I will say I do believe - to some extent- that people should be reasonable in their expectations, which is what I *think* you were trying to say - that 300lb person should not really expect to be going out with an underwear model.

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