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Catalonia's High Court today ordered Google to delete an application that it said Catalan separatists were using to spread information about the disputed independence vote this Sunday.

The court said the On Votar 1-Oct application on the Google Play smartphone app store opposed an order in September from Spain's Constitutional Court to suspend the referendum while it determined its legality.

The 54-year-old has described Madrid's attempts to ban the referendum as 'authoritarian repression', 'a violation of our basic rights' and 'the fall of democracy'.

Separatists are pictured holding a demonstration in Barcelona yesterday But he was unable to explain how a new Catalan state would be formed and how it would function - especially given the challenge of trying to gain recognition from the European Union in the event of an independence declaration.

The tractor protest is an attempt to protect voting stations that Catalonians fear will be blocked Last night, Catalan separatists urged supporters to defy Spanish efforts to block the referendum, calling for peaceful turnouts at polling stations.

Pro-independence groups the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium said on Thursday that people should form queues if they found police guarding voting stations, amid concerns that frustrations over an event progressively stripped of any meaningful political impact could erupt into street unrest.

Tackling one of the biggest political crises to hit Spain since democracy was restored in the 1970s after decades of dictatorship, authorities in Madrid have declared the referendum unconstitutional and told police to ensure no votes are cast.

More than 2,300 polling stations are ready for the Catalan independence referendum slated for Sunday but banned by Madrid, the regional separatist government said today.

Speaking to BBC News, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said: 'After the official proclamation of the results, which should take a few days there is a period of 48 hours to proclaim independence but this does not exclude the possibility of us making yet another appeal on the night of the 1st for the need to sit down and talk to resolve this politically.'The wealthy region of 7.5 million people in north-eastern Spain has its own language and culture, and a high degree of autonomy, but it is not recognised as a separate nation by the Spanish state.' Independence supporters, many wearing the colours of FC Barcelona - the region's successful football club - clung from the tractors in a loud, forceful show of strength.

While the estelada was draped around dozens of supporters Meanwhile, Catalonia's separatist leader has defended plans to stage the 'banned' referendum - despite being unable to explain how independence from Spain would work.

Carles Puigdemont wants supporters to defy Spanish efforts to block the vote on Sunday by turning out at polling stations that police have been ordered to keep shut.

The rich northeastern region is pressing ahead, and Puigdemont - who has labelled the government's response anti-democratic - said a week ago he had contingency plans in place to ensure the vote would take place.

But ANC and Omnium said Catalonia's priority for Sunday should be to present a responsible and united face to the world - even if that meant forming long queues without actually voting.'Peaceful resistance, zero violence...

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Over the past few days, judges and prosecutors have also ordered the closure of websites linked to the vote and the detention of key members of the team organising the referendum.

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