Relative dating block diagrams

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Relative dating block diagrams

Maximum size is (4 gigabytes - 1) * (database block size). The sections that follow describe the Oracle data types as they are stored in Oracle Database.

If you insert a value that is shorter than the column length, then Oracle blank-pads the value to column length.If you try to insert a value that is too long for the column, then Oracle returns an error.Note that if the column length is expressed in characters (code points), blank-padding does not guarantee that all column values have the same byte length.The syntax of Oracle data types appears in the diagrams that follow.The text of this section is divided into the following sections: A data type is either scalar or nonscalar.

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Character Data Types Character data types store character (alphanumeric) data, which are words and free-form text, in the database character set or national character set.