Skinny guy dating

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Dating back in college was a horror for an overweight girl.

Guys chose the skinny girls over the fuller-figured ones any day, and getting a date for an event became a nightmare.

During a fortieth birthday celebration at a favorite restaurant, the honoree, Rob, made an announcement to all of us.

After almost a year since his divorce, he was ready to start dating again.

Then a miracle appeared in the form of a young, new professor.

She was not stick-thin, but she certainly wasn't "fat." She didn't appear to be unhappy with her body, and she dressed magnificently, accenting her curves and wearing colors I had always been told would not look good on anyone who wasn't "slender." On her they looked great.

" It's not because I'm ashamed of it; having extra weight is not on par with having robbed a bank. No, I don't tell people because it's just not that important to me anymore.

He was surprised, but good guy that he is, said that I looked "attractive, just in a different sort of way." Yes, okay.

Still, I wonder ifwould have given me a glance back in college.

We were thrilled by the news because he is a great guy, good-looking and smart, with a lot to offer.

Everyone began to think of single women we knew who might be interested in meeting this terrific guy. Everyone was silent, discreetly sneaking peeks at the "fat" woman across the room.

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