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Well look, girl, I’m not trying to tell you what you think. S: Not something I do most of the time, if we can be honest. Like locker rooms, swimming pools, certain kinds of tight clothing.

What scares me is that the world’s not set up for women with penises, y’know?

S: But still, it seems weird you’d consider such a drastic surgery as a way to fix that. dude, that’s not something I know you to express a lot of worry about. I live somewhere in-between male and female right now, and I love those who make a life out of that, refusing to be male or female, but for me personally I just really want to be another girl on the street as fast as fucking possible. It’s not really the penis itself almost, it’s more like what it represents. I wish I could love being a freak, but I can’t, I don’t want to feel like a freak anymore, all this bullshit has made me feel like a freak enough of my life, I’m done with it, I’m fucking done with it.

I’m just—I’m really looking forward to the point when this is all over, you know? When I think about looking in the mirror a decade from now with a female body and seeing a wang dangling down there… just to get reminded of that every day, I don’t know, the idea makes me feel incomplete in this really sad way. God, I wouldn’t admit this to anyone else, but a freak. C: Oh, like “not trans.” Kind of like how “hetero” means “not gay.” S: Again, the dictionary.

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I want to be like “Well before we get into that, how’s your junk?

A few people have asked me right after they find out I’m trans.

And when I think about it, these are the kinds of solutions you’ve probably already come up with yourself, so tell me: If you don’t dislike your dick, and the potential downside of is so huge, why is this even a question? Yes, it’s major surgery, but at the end of the day it’s pretty safe, and I could save the money eventually. I’ll have to take those little blue estrogen pills every day for the rest of my life, among other things.

Though I think “vaginal collapse” is on a list of possible post-op complications.

S: If you say “vaginal collapse” again, I’m logging off. ” I like the thought that miners with head-mounted flashlights might be injured if that were to happen.

S: You know, it sounds like this isn’t really a question you can solve in the immediate future.

C: Funny though, I worry about the penis so much, but I think the balls are almost certainly going to go.

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C: Some people can keep having erections, some people don’t. If it stopped working completely that’d steer me towards surgery pretty easily.

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