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FIRST, before we start any troubleshooting or System or hard drive maintenance procedures, it is important that we BACK UP OUR DATA to other drives or CD or DVD media.This is important because the disk may be hanging on by a thread and the most basic procedure may lose the drive and data forever.This allows me to work off the clone and have a trustworthy boot drive I can swap out and get back to work in five minutes if necessary.An external Fire Wire or USB drive can also be used for the clone.One workflow technique is to have previously backed up our Preferences folder.Then we simply start swapping the suspect preferences with our back ups.Some professionals will recommend keeping a percentage of your boot hard drive unused — this is good advice and I would probably try to keep at least 40 percent of my disk unused for heavy graphics and video editing (and most importantly, as unfragmented as possible).If all you are doing is Microsoft Word and E-mail, I would keep a minimum of 30 GB free unused space available — this allows the operating system vital unused space to write its swap files, virtual memory scratch disk.

If our user account is corrupted (problem clears in Spare User), the first thing to consider is a damaged preference file in our normal user account.Be sure to back up all critical MAIL folders, DOCUMENT folders, FINANCIAL data files, i PHOTO and i TUNES folders and PREFERENCE files.These days I prefer to simply clone my healthy, problem-free boot hard drive onto a freshly-erased internal hard drive, removing the original hard drive intact (and storing it away as my system back up).There are good reasons professionals and experienced users avoid brand new Operating Systems and .0 upgrades, but if you must be on "The Bleeding Edge" consider my free advice for what it may be worth to you: Tips for backing up, buying, installing, creating an install DVD, reverting back to what works....CORRUPTION | BACKUP | FREE UNUSED SPACE | DEFRAG | VIRUSES | SPARE USER ACCOUNT | PREFERENCES | SAFE BOOT | DISK UTILITY REPAIR PERMISSIONS | DISK UTILITY REPAIR DISK | DISK WARRIOR | MAC CLEANER APPS (Slow Mac) | FSCK | CRON SCRIPTS | COMBO UPDATES | FAQ-TIPS | TIME MACHINE-CLONING | STARTING OVER | NEW TO MAC LINKSWhen Mac a computer starts running slow or acting flaky — unstable, crashing, freezing or generally misbehaving — it's a corruption issue 98 percent of the time (unless we've recently done something to it, and there is 98 percent of our clue).

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