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Wasmuths monatshefte online dating

Such a definition would therefore eliminate such landscape architects as Franz Lipp [1903-1977, principal of Lipp, Peterson, and Wehler, Chicago] Emanuel T. A similar relationship no doubt existed with landscape architects as well.Defining the German-speaking region of Europe is also difficult.This is ironic in that "historically, Germans were the single largest additive to the melting pot, so that by 1990, nearly one-quarter of Americans identified themselves as being at least part German." Today as many as 58 million Americans consider themselves to be of German descent, outpacing the second largest immigrant group, the Irish, with 39 million. It would seem reasonable that the influence of a population internationally known for its horticultural knowledge would be in some proportion to the sheer number of its members.

In this research, material was gathered on landscape architects, landscape gardeners, horticulturists, nurserymen, seeds men, foresters, landscape engineers, and park superintendents. Schwarzmann [1843-1891], the Philadelphia architect who served as chief engineer of Fairmount Park and architect-in-chief of the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition, were also included because of their design of built landscapes.

He contributed to Bruno Taut's Gläserne Kette group and built the extraordinary Wissinger family-vault, Stahnsdorf, Berlin (1920), one of the few Glass-Chain designs ever realized.

He built a formidable reputation as an architect with the offices for the Allgemeiner Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (Federation of German Labour Unions—1923) and other works for trade-unions and similar organizations, one of which (the Verband der Deutschen Buchdrucker—Headquarters of the German Printers' Union—1922–5) he designed with Mart Stam, where the con-crete frame was expressed.

He designed various buildings before 1914, including a Pavilion for the International Building Trades Exhibition, Leipzig (1913), and in 1918 became a founder of various left-wing groups, including Arbeitsrat für Kunst, Novembergruppe, and later Der Ring.

He joined Franz Hoffmann (d.1950) and his brother, Bruno, in partnership in 1914, and remained with Hoffmann until the last's death.

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Is it any wonder it requires a 'scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge,' to translate a German scientist?